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Our Story

When I first began rehabbing houses in 2012, I used the box store cabinets that they keep in stock, but which weren’t a quality to impress anyone. As I moved into the rehabbing of higher-end homes I decided that ordering the box store’s better or best quality cabinets was the way to go . . . but it took the store six weeks to deliver, and at least another two weeks for them to complete the installation. In one situation an incorrect cabinet was delivered, and I had to return to the store and reorder to get the cabinet I’d ordered in the first place. This “rush” order took an additional three weeks to arrive, and (wouldn’t you know it?) was again ordered incorrectly. The third time I ordered it they did finally get it right, but it had added a full six weeks to my timeline. In that time, the rest of the rehab was completed but because of that one missing cabinet, I had to delay listing and selling a beautiful home.

The Pursuit

I decided then and there to search for a more reliable supplier of quality cabinets, in order to ensure that this type of scenario never happened again! The solution I decided on was to buy direct from a cabinet wholesaler. By purchasing directly from the manufacturer, I was able to get good quality cabinets at great prices; and after seeing my newly sourced cabinets in rehabbed homes people started asking about them. I’d been so frustrated by the cabinet problem that I eventually decided to sell the cabinets to other investors who might be facing similar problems. At this point, TVCP has sold quality cabinets to rehabbers, builders, and contractors. We’ve even brought in a good commercial grade cabinet built by BJ Tidwell as our interests have expanded into commercial buildings.

Treasure Valley Cabinets Plus

We’d like to invite you to compare our cabinets and prices to those you’re probably familiar with; we’re sure that you’ll recognize good quality and a great deal when you see one!

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